The Silent Language of Leaders

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The Silent Language of Leaders
Body language is the management of time, space, appearance, posture, gesture, vocal prosody, touch, smell, facial expression, and eye contact. Based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, this book shows you how body language impacts a leader’s ability to negotiate, manage change, build trust, project charisma, and promote collaboration.

"Carefully researched, elegantly written and enormously useful, this brilliant book finally unravels a pivotal aspect of leadership, long ignored: the mystery of how our body language can enhance or undermine our capacity to lead."
Warren Bennis

The Nonverbal Advantage

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"The Nonverbal Advantage"

The Nonverbal Advantage
Secrets and Science of Body Language at Work

A thorough understanding of the role that body language plays in our day-to-day
business activities is vital, writes Carol Kinsey Goman in her very practical management
skill building book. This fresh look at the importance of the often involuntary physical
messages teaches a crucial management skill. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to improve their understanding of
nonverbal communication.
Blog Business World
Wayne Hurtbert

Ghost Story

Ghost Story back cover

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Ghost Story
A Modern Business Fable

Lying untapped within the workforce is a source of power that resides in the ideas and experiences of individuals. Once combined, this “cumulative wisdom” has
the potential to become an organization’s strongest competitive advantage.
“Captivating story with characters people will recognize and relate to. The messages
are clear and powerful for everyone working in our networked society.”
Nigel Oxbrow, Founder and Chief Executive, TFPL Ltd, London

This Isn't The Company I Joined

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This Isn’t the Company I Joined
“Given proper leadership, workers are resilient and resourceful people who can thrive on change,
even when their world is turned upside down,” says Carol Kinsey Goman. In fact, she says, “upside down is an exciting place to be.” This new edition,
written primarily for leaders who must keep pace with the way a new work force thinks and acts,
offers perspective on the fragile art of employee motivation.
“This book is filled with so much wisdom that it should be required reading for all those who aspire
to be leaders.”
Jon Masters, Chairman, Masters
Governance Consulting

Adapting to Change

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Adapting to Change
Change is the most pervasive influence within today’s workplace. This book is filled with techniques to help individuals not only survive change, but to
actually thrive on it. “You have captured the key elements that we are facing in our changing world Those who keep up
will do very well and others, I’m afraid will be passed over.”
Charles Lynch, Chairman,
Fresh Choice Inc.